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Improve our ability to protect bauxite resources Probe

Bauxite is the main source of industrial aluminum ore , used in both non-metallic and metallic . Its main purpose is to make non-metallic refractory materials , abrasive materials , chemicals and high-alumina cement raw material, a very wide range . But in general, the amount of non-metallic aspects of bauxite is very small, its main use is for the production of alumina metals thereby preparing aluminum , with more than 90% of its share of world production of bauxite .

The status quo of China's bauxite production

Low quality of bauxite to the low-grade ore based. 70% of the alumina-silica bauxite ratio (Al / Si) is between about 4 to 6, which leads to poor dissolution of the higher production costs . Al-Si ratio is > 10,7 ~ 10,4 ~ 7 , the ratio of reserves of < 4 is about 1:6:15:2 . And to a diasporic , accounting for over 98% of total reserves , concentrated in Shanxi, Henan , Guizhou, Guangxi and other places , are aluminum, high-silica , low iron , insoluble ore. The use of relatively easy gibbsite only 1.6% of reserves , mainly in Fujian and Guangxi .

Huge consumption of bauxite resources , recoverable reserves than the highest level in the world basically . Resources and support capabilities are limited, the country 's relative lack of bauxite resources . Poor support capabilities bauxite resources is an important reason for restricting the development of China's aluminum industry . In 2009, China accounted for only 2.8 percent of global reserves of bauxite reserves, while in the same year of refined aluminum production accounted for 35.67% of global output .

Large deposits of bauxite resources below normal over 70% of the mineral is not suitable for open-pit mining and waste. Most areas of the continuity of quality bauxite ore deposits distribution is poor, the poor quality of the ore , only Pingguo , Huayin , the open letter sent using large-scale mechanized way of bauxite mining , opencast mining in other provinces area are mostly people take to acquire mining stone way in the original production capacity , based on underground mining mines in Guizhou .

In addition to the recent construction of the mine in Guizhou Zunyi immortal rock, the groove , the Buddha NANCHUAN rock , gray river , piercing Bay, Henan Jiao village, Guo ditch , SUN slope, pipe Mao , section of the village , Ray ditch, Guizhou cat games, Shanxi Xing County mines are underground mines and other raw materials , in addition to the production of bauxite in Guangxi , are mainly underground mining .

In recent years, affected by the rapid development of China's aluminum industry , the amount of bauxite mining is also increasing year by year . 2010 domestic bauxite production reached 31.45 million tons , an increase over the 2001 production of 21.2 million tons , an average annual increase of 24 %. A large amount of bauxite mining , ore reserves in the world than basically the highest level since 2008 bauxite production remained stable , the growth rate is slowing down .

Development Trend of China's bauxite resource utilization

As the ore mined over the years , the relative shortage of high-alumina bonanza resources . Our bauxite resource utilization must establish a resource -saving and environment-friendly society the principle of full use of domestic and international resources, relying on scientific and technological progress, and take the road of development of circular economy , embodied in the following aspects :

First, strengthen research and technological beneficiation process , to promote the application of dressing Bayer , improve low-grade ore in aluminum-silicon ratio , encourage enterprises to large-scale use of low-grade bauxite , alumina industry to meet the requirements .

Second, take advantage of overseas bauxite resources and broaden the resource channels.

The third is to strengthen the development and utilization of coal-bearing strata covered under the potential of high-quality bauxite in key provinces , increasing exploration efforts to open up new ways to get resources .

Fourth, to actively use open-pit mining and efficient mining equipment, technology matures underground mining needs and strive to dominate.

Five other mineral research is carried out by extracting alumina technologies such as fly ash , fly ash implementation of the development plan to achieve the extraction of alumina fly ash technology industry . Coal resources of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and other regions rich in minerals containing aluminum , aluminum oxide content of fly ash produced for power generation after up to 40 ~ 50%, is a valuable resource containing aluminum , needs further development and utilization .

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