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How to prevent premature aging of the doors and windows equipment

They have high acid and alkali corrosive effect . Will make the doors premature aging.

When faced with wet weather , I need to use a dry cloth , wipe the wet windows , doors and chutes to ensure a clean, dry , long time because of the time slip

Will increase the friction grooves , a lubricant may be less , for example: oil, gas oil , etc., to the doors and windows of the slot lubrication , reduce the frictional resistance. After

Doors and windows need to frequently check components of equipment, periodic lubrication , keep dry and clean.

Finally , always check the integration of parts of the doors and windows , if you have spare places , doors and windows equipment should be tightened . Sealed glass tops and plastic closures for insulation

Plays a key role , one should always check if there is shedding to promptly repair or replacement.

Aluminum windows and doors in use, open or closed when action to light, natural push and pull, it must not use the strength of the sliding doors and windows ,

This will not only charge the effort , but also on the doors and windows of the equipment life cause some impairment .

Secondly , we should always use specialized tools for cleaning windows clear windows , which should both beautiful windows and doors , and not caused by sliding slot dusty

Doors and windows difficult to push hard to pull . There is pay attention when cleaning windows , you should stick with a soft cloth to clean some neutral detergent , do not use home

Such as soap or detergent commonly used in a number of highly acid detergent , the main reason is because it contains metal elements aluminum doors and windows

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