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How to install bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment

Now people 's living standards improve , the requirements for windows and doors is getting high, unlike in the past , like windows and doors to shelter need is a decoration, embellishment of the home environment . How to install aluminum doors and windows broken bridge has gradually become the focus of attention.

But for many people , including bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment Cutting Machine , Corner type of equipment , Milling Machine , but know very little of it , not to mention the operation. This equipment has been in the furniture environment a place that everyone follow Xiaobian together to talk about the installation of aluminum doors and windows broken bridge equipment needed attention to the problem there?

First, the gas source areas . Now binder bridge aluminum doors and equipment are based on the cylinder compression , so we must ensure that ensure adequate gas supply . Once the pressure reach , broken aluminum double cutting saw blade in and out will be affected , while its processing effect will be affected. We believe that a pneumatic bridge aluminum doors and windows to ensure that the equipment reaches eight pressure gas flow rate can reach 0.3 .

Second, electricity . Aluminum doors and windows broken bridge normally used voltage equipment is 380V, therefore , we must pay attention when wiring to connect the hot and neutral lines. As we all know , there is a current and FireWire zero line , but there is no current , if both reversed , though not necessarily affect the use, but also to have some security risks. In fact, this distinction is also very good , because now manufacturers have had to distinguish between the two , usually black or blue FireWire zero line is red.

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