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How to choose their own aluminum windows and doors

How to choose their own aluminum windows and doors equipment? Today Xiaobian bring you a detailed look .

Choose their own aluminum windows and doors should pay attention to the following questions , super hardness , fire resistance, thermal break aluminum doors and windows to highlight the strengths of the equipment is rigid . Excellent thermal insulation properties, high strength , light area, resistance to atmospheric corrosion resistance, excellent overall performance , the use of long life, good decorating consequence , the use of advanced thermal profiles aluminum doors and windows broken bridge , built with advanced windows, mid-range home decoration of choice. Consumer equipment and technology choices can excellent overall performance windows .

Accordance with the national standard requirements , poor diagonal steel doors and windows should be mastered in less than 23 mm , there is strict control of process parameters and scale , this request has certainly consumer equipment and technology for security, there are excellent quality workforce. Thermal expansion coefficient of steel doors is simply six times stronger than steel , so it must remain between the window frame and wall joints to prevent thermal expansion and contraction or house windows so tiny settlement deformation . At the same time protect the waterproofing , thermal insulation, sound insulation , expansion joints must be filled with an elastic material and then sealed with a sealant.

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