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Fenestration domestic aluminum industry analysis of the main features

Characteristics and correlation analysis from aluminum curtain walls and windows industry , the market has reached a level of intense competition , the competition has become critical in the cost price of the key competitive advantage depends on the establishment of a broad marketing system in the construction industry ; industry rise and fall of the economy depends on the degree of development and construction ; from a global perspective, the international market still has more room for development .

With the rapid development of China's construction industry to improve people's living standards, aluminum curtain walls and windows as an important integral part of the building , has been widely recognized. According to statistics , China's annual completion Fenestration area are more than 15 million square meters , product specifications , variety is also increasing continuously improve the quality , technical content and gradually strengthened, we should say Fenestration construction industry to bring a new weather .

Recalling the development of aluminum curtain walls and windows , difficult to find, first of all, aluminum doors and windows of aluminum and aluminum curtain wall is actually an extension of the product extruded products , most of our aluminum plant directly into the production of aluminum curtain walls and windows field , after the phasing out of the market , some enterprises have become the main production of aluminum curtain walls and windows .

Second, with the architectural division of the further development of the industry , from the construction industry , metal processing industry isolated specializes in the production of aluminum curtain walls and windows of the professional enterprises to become the main force in the industry . Such enterprises aluminum doors and windows curtain covering technology development , design , manufacture and installation of the entire process , largely to extend directly from the field of construction .

Third , part of the glass production and processing enterprises have entered the industry in the field of aluminum curtain walls and windows . While a considerable number of " head shop factory" active in the market of aluminum curtain walls and windows . Due to the small size of such plants , processing technology, of varying quality, construction and installation of the level is not high , some impact on the overall industry. However , due to its operating flexibility, to complement the market exists .

Experts pointed out that , due to market supply and demand of aluminum curtain walls and windows throughout the industry, the quality of the pros and cons , the technical level , depending on price volatility and so the first three companies , therefore , from a macro perspective, the domestic industry is mainly aluminum curtain walls and windows has the following characteristics .

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