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Features tempered glass damping noise

Security : PVB film toughness is very good, the damping force shock when the glass being broken , PVB layer will absorb a lot of impact energy , and make it quickly weakened, so the damping is difficult to breakdown the glass , even glass crack shot and still remain within the framework of a complete and still have some shelter from the storm 's effects , thus damping the glass is safety glass in the true sense .

Sound insulation : PVB film has a strong damping effect on sound waves , acoustic damping through the glass significantly reduced , so that the work or home to reduce noise interference .

UV : UV glass has a high damping partition effect ( up to 99% ) , you can protect your precious indoor furniture, displays, artwork and other effects from UV fading .

Security: glass cutter to install because they can not adopt effective damping glass cutting , and use other tools breakdown laminated glass for a long time , sounds great , it is more difficult to enter the room and could easily be found by cutting or breaking laminated glass , thus damping the glass for vandalism , theft and violence against a strong role .

Bullet -proof : the multi-layer damping can be made of various types of glass bullet proof , bomb proof , explosion-proof glass.

Anti hurricanes and earthquakes : Since damping glass PVB film with high tenacity and strong adhesion , damping broken glass in the debris remains in situ , in a hurricane zone and is more appropriate to adopt the earthquake zone .

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